¿Who are us?

We are a Company with more than 50 years of experience in the automotiv industry, urban transport of passengers and heavy vehicles, focused on the manufacture and commercialization of security glass. The Factory is located on Naucalpan, Estado De Mexico.

We are a mexican Enterprise with total commitment with the enviorenment as well as, in each one of hour proces and products. Therefor, fortalizing th world wide effort to improve the global ecology. It's hour misión, to produce security glass tha requires the automotive industry and arquitectonic, training our personal and optimizing our costs, by garatizing the permanent grow of the organization, with out stoping the contribution to our enviorement. Our visión is to always be a reliable security glass selling Company.

Citsa's history goes back to the 50s, formally and with more effort than technique, when Don Carlos starts a small business with no more than eight people and an oil furnace for the manufacture of soffits, glass and mirrors, it was located in Vallejo neighborhood, in the Federal District, there were no current systems or products, but a growing demand for glass started to surge.
At the beginning, the investment in machinery was very complicated since it was very expensive to import and install in our country, forcing it to be designed by itself, with the costs that the trial and error method implied this gave us the ability to implement a New technology of stainless steel tubes with a turbo blower system in which the heat was concentrated inside the tube, radiating the heat in a more homogeneous way (the latest technology for this type of processes), starts windshield manufacturing in his oven, although the first pieces were not very good in quality or optics,nevertheless under his philosophy of improving things, he perfected them.
The windshield sector involves safety and standards to comply with certification and requirements, but that was not an obstacle for Don Carlos. Being a visionary man, he wanted to start alone in this business and risk covering it. However, he soon had to technique the processes and do them more efficiently. Thus, unconsciously, it was already in the field of quality, at a time when there was no system in Mexico that implements said quality in production processes or products.
During the time that there was a government with a closed economy, that is, you had to consume it that the country manufactured, not fully importing its quality even when there were other purchase options in the international market. During the same decade of the 80, Don. Carlos, glimpsed the opening of the borders. So their children Isidro and Enrique were entrusted with the search for the best production systems to manufacture windshields. Isidro was already prepared in Q1 (Ford's quality system, taught at Tec. De Monterrey) and part of his training in England. In these times, there was a discussion about the transfer of the plant from Naucalpan, between the Industrial Park of Lerma and that of Tepeji del Río. At that time, the company realized the shortage of labor in Toluca. On the other hand, in Tepeji, although there were no qualified people, there was a perception that the population was more enthusiastic, receptive and eager to learn. The municipality was immediately given the task of supporting the installation of the company as much as possible. In this plant, the Q1 system that Engineer Isidro already had, coupled with the vision of Don Carlos Villaseñor meant that, not only was working with a “rudimentary” quality system, but with a more advanced, strategic and well defined, where the main thing was to have the best possible process with the best machinery, and thus obtain the best product. By 1994, the Tepeji plant already exported to Central America and the southern part of the United States (California, Arizona and New Mexico) with very good acceptance.

Our values are: commitment with the customer and persons in the organization, we are focused on the results, the commitmen for quality and all the time making innovation


Added value services

1. Commitment

Commitment with the customer

2. Results

Orientation to results

3. Quality

Commitment for quality

4. Inovation

The commitment to innovation.