• Glass for the automotive industry

  • Glass for the arquitectonic industry

  • Glass for the special forces and security



We fabricate windshields for all the american, european and asiatics brands. As also we count with windshields for urban busses and classic cars.


Flat armored glass and vandal glass

En CITSA In other line of products we commercialize armored glass and vandal, for the división of Banks and arquitectonic security


New developments

Citsa group are specialists on new developments over design offering to our clients the best service and attention for special sales.

Who is Citsa?

Know us

We are a Company with more tan 50 years of experience in the automotive industry, focused on the manufacture and marketing of safety glass

Company 100% mexican

We are proudly to say we are a 100% mexican Company.


We are a company committed to the environment in each one of our processes and products


For citsa the responsability with the client occupies the first place, thats why we are focus for being the best